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Spring Fest 2012

Thank you to everyone that attended to our vendor (Anime Neku / Watashi Panda) at SpringFest 2012.
We are so happy to be able to meet everyone :) 

Please wait until a week before we give more information on where you can get some of our super cheap product if you still haven't yet. <3.

May. 7th, 2011

5/7/11: Order Begin
Amount we have now: $190/$300

Zipia Group Order #4Collapse )

Zipia Group Order #3!!

1/19/11: Ordering Begin
2/7/11: Items ordered.
2/14/11: Items has arrive in NYC, everything will be shipped tomorrow. =)
2/16/11: Sorry I didn't get the chance to pick it up on 2/14/11 and i saw the pink slip today for pick up.
It seems that this zipia package has been hit by custom >_<. Total of custom is $36.00,
I will need to charge extra after all the money that is owed.

2/18/11: Items will all be shipped on the 19th. Shipping label has been printed for people in U.S.A
International (Canada, etc) will also be shipped tomorrow.

2/23/11: Everything have been shipped!

Zipia Group Order #3Collapse )

Zipia Group Order.

12/10/10 Ordering Begin
Goal: $300/$300 ($78 dollar more)
Items has been shipped XD
Items has arrived - 1/8/2010
Monday - Items will be shipped to you all!

Asian Clothing.

UPDATE - 5/1/10

ClothingCollapse )

Fashion Accessories

UPDATE - 6/10/10

AccessoriesCollapse )


UPDATE 6/10/10

Jewelry!Collapse )

Kawaii Plush

UPDATE - 5/1/10

PlushieCollapse )



Read Information!!Collapse )

Order FormCollapse )

Shipping InformationCollapse )

Ones again, THANK YOU!! ^______^

Please help us and link us on your livejournal or any sites!! ^_^v

OUR BANNER!!!!Collapse )

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