watashipanda (watashipanda) wrote,

Kawaii Plush

UPDATE - 5/1/10

Name: Rilakkuma Plush
Choose from 1 - 5 (Top being number one, etc)
Quantity: 1 each
Price: $12 each

Name: Set of Sleeping Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma
What you see is what you get. :D, has a plug
Price: $15 for both

Name: Set of leaf Rilakkuma Plush
What you see is what you get ^^
Price: $15

Name: Strawberry Bag Korilakkuma Plush
Price: $12.00

Name: Rilakkuma Heart Cake Plush
Price: $12.00

Name: Candy Bear Plush
Price: $6.00

Name: Pink Bunny Hat Korilakkuma
Price: $12.00

Name: Sleeping Rilakkuma Bag
Price: $15.00

Name: Open Eye Rilakkuma Bag
Compare size to the quarter.
Price: $15.00

Name: 2 Set Rilakkuma
What you see is what you get :3
Price: $16.00

Name: Kawaii Blue Ribbon Bear
Price: $5.00

Name: DIsney Scrump Bag
Compare it with the quarter ^^
Price: $12

Name: Red Stitch Mini Plush
Price: $6.50

Name: Rare Momobuta Bag
QUantity: 1
Size: Height : 5.5", Side: 6.4"
Price: $20.00

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